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SLX5/SLX6 Stand-Alone Option

Product Description

Both the SLX5 and the SLX6 ports can be anchored as stand-alone units in either dual or singular configurations. Typically, a single or dual port is held in place with lengths of 2 3/8" OD galvanized pipe that have been pounded into the lakebed to a depth of 2 to 3'. The pipe passes through 2" raised pipe collars that are bolted to the front left and right direct connect mounts. Two more lengths of pipe and a pair of 2" Post Extension Attachment Arms are used to anchor the rear of the port in place. 

2" Raised Pipe Sleeves (pair) - $100.00, four 7' lengths of 2 3/8" OD galvanized pipe - 4 x $90.30, Post Extension Attachment Arms (pair) - $320.00.

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