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Car #34 - The Eh Team

As a hobby, a group of us decided to enter the "crap can" world of Endurance Racing through 24 Hours of Lemons. The basic premise is that you purchase a vehicle for $500 and then outfit it for 7 and 8 hour long, multi-vehicle races, on various courses throughout the United States. 

In Ontario, Lucky Dog Racing Canadawww.racelucky.ca ) hosts weekend races at Calabogie Motorsports Park, Shannonville and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. 

Our 2006 3.5l Chevy Impala was acquired for $500 but getting it "race ready" has been a much more complex task. Not only did everything have to be stripped out of the car but a full roll cage and race seat needed to be installed, tires, rims and springs changed out, a fire suppression system purchased and then personal race gear for each driver sourced and purchased.


Add race fees, fuel, food and it quickly adds up thus limiting our ability to run all five races during a season. For the 2023 Lucky Dog Racing Canada Series, we have competed in the May Canadian Tire Motorsports Park race - 6th of 12 in GT3 and will be competing in the GT3 June & October Calabogie Motorsports Park races. Sponsors are always welcome! See our Instagram account for in season updates and race results.

https://www.instagram.com/34ehteam/ )