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SLX5/SLX6 to Wave Dock Kit

Product Description

The Wave Dock attachment kit is compatible with both SLX5 and SLX6 ports which can be attached to a Wave Dock in either the perpendicular or parallel directions. 

If two or more ports are going to be joined together, the Port to Port Connector (pair) $375.00 is required. 

For a perpendicular attachment, the Wave Dock option requires two of the SLX to Wave Dock Flex Connectors and two snap-in caps.

All of the same components are required for a parallel attachment to a Wave Dock.

SLX to Wave Dock Flex Connector (pair) - $560.00 and Snap-in Caps (pair) $110.00 

CONTACT US  if your requirements differ or if you would like more information. 

$670.00 $685.00
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